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Our Practices


We fashionably avoid fast fashion. Before we stitched our first piece, we stitched this manifesto together. We are a vibe, weaved into a clothing line. 

We make clothes that you can wear all-day, every day. Because whether you are at work, or at the bar, your clothes should look good, and feel good. Your clothes should be your second skin. That’s not asking for a lot. That’s asking for something basic. For all of humanity.


No big assembly lines for us. We make in small batches to avoid any wastage. Everything we make, we ship in compostable packaging. And, we avoid waste  - so, no paper tags or plastic stoppers for us. Even our products are not packed in plastic. Once an item is ironed, the plastic bags are sent back to our manufacturing partners to reuse them for the next batch. Whatever we make is basically comfortable. And, sustainable.

Locally made, globally loved

Alexa, play Made in India by Alisha Chinai. We make in India to empower local manufacturers, and communities. We only use high-quality cotton and knits that feel good on your skin. So, you can experience the same high-quality fabrics used by leading global brands, minus the markups. Always breathe easy knowing that our fabrics are breathable, and our practices sustainable.

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