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I remember walking into a fashion college wearing men's sweatshorts or joggers all the time which made everyone wonder what I was doing there. While everyone made sure they dressed up and followed trends, I would pair a fitted top with basic joggers and that to me was as sexy and as comfortable as it could get. Soon I started to see other people follow suit. It took me a long time to get the confidence to start this brand but here I am hoping my clothing can make other people feel sexy and  comfortable. But most importantly, I believe every business should be willing to take the responsibility to make a difference.

You know what's really really sexy? Saving a life. The love for indie dogs and cats came to me through my friend, the most inspiring and hilarious woman I met, Kim D'silva, who left us at a very early age but she lived a full life. She roamed around with medication in her bag rescuing and healing strays she found, she wanted to be a vet. I may not have her skills but I hope to continue her passion and make a real difference.

- Ridhisha Balani

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