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Ways to Help

We understand that not everyone may want to take an animal in, but there are innumerable other ways you can make a difference. Some are listed below


Advise your peers or family members who are looking to take in a pet, to ADOPT one instead of buying one. 


If you spot an injured animal, contact your local NGO with an image, exact location and other details of the animal so they can come help if you can't take them to the vet yourself. Donate and assist the NGO if you can.

Water Bowl

Place a cement water bowl outside your building to make sure the strays have access to clean water.

Sterilize and Nueter 

The population of strays is a huge problem. Join hands with local activists and NGOs to help neuter strays in your area. Please make sure they are genuine and run appropriate tests etc and provide post op care to the animals. 


You can simply feed your friendly neighborhood strays at a convenient spot regularly. Dry food that is available everywhere or boiled boneless chicken and rice.

Shop  BH101

A % of the profits is used in collaring, rescuing and helping individual heroes that help animals regularly and need financial support. Each order of yours helps us get closer to our goals and help, feed more animals everyday.

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